Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Scrapbooking Limits

Below is an excerpt from the "musings" section of the Home page at UKScrappers this week.

I thought I would put my two penneth in here too.!

.... I've been musing on what might be considered "off limits" for your scrapbooks. Are there any topics that you consider taboo? And a natural follow on from that is are there topics that you consider off limits for sharing in online galleries? Every online forum has a wide variety of layouts posted, and rarely on UKS do we get complaint about Gallery posts for the topic or the photo, but it does occasionally happen. There are a handful of topics that push buttons, the most common, the one that strikes a nerve quickly, being layouts made to help cope with grief, especially over the loss of a child. But we have had reports of some of the Breast Cancer Awareness layouts (outrage that children use the site and boobs NOT appropriate), and the recent discussion on the appropriateness of layouts that are "political."

In general, it seems people approach their scrapbooks in a number of different ways - some are more like journals, with layouts on every imaginable topic, expressing the deepest feeling of the creator - no topic is off limits there! Others aim to preserve only the fondest memories, of childhood, of family, a trip, a well-loved pet, a garden. Still others are a mix - realistic portrayals, to the creators, of the ups and downs of life, including both the good and the bad, but not dwelling on either or delving too deep emotionally. We've seen gift albums that are, in a word, "racy" and ones that touch on topics some (but by no means ALL) find inappropriate..."

The main crux here is more about the uploading and sharing of your scrapbooking layouts... because if your pages are for your eyes only (or only a select few) then there is no problem.

Scrapbooking to me is... "Anything goes", but beware of sharing! I have made a (what the UKS author calls) "racy" mini album. It was as an anniversary album last year for my husband. It is for his eyes only as it is what I would class as "X" rated. Now I have no intention of sharing this album with anyone online, however, I would like to encourage other women to do something like it for either their partners... or even for themselves. Take the pictures yourself in the mirror, and/or use the timer facility (on most cameras now) and, if you have one, use a tripod.

Get into the habit of taking your own photos of yourself in private. They don't have to be explicit! just practise that smile that your other half doesn't see much these days! Print it, stick it on a layout and give it to him...

.... just watch his face!

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