Sunday, November 04, 2007

Free Digital Scrapbooking supplies

I have been collecting information and freebie downloads for a few months now to enable me to do some digital scrapbooking. And this is not my first attempt, but my second. I have listed below the supplies used on this layout.

It is actually an entry in a book I started for my daughter when we had her naming day on her first birthday. Everyone who attended wrote something on a page in the book and every year since then my husband and I and any other significant person (family member) around on, or near her birthday, writes an entry in the book.

This year I decided to do a digital scrapbooking layout for her 3rd birthday (which I wrote back then, but didn't get around to sticking in the book!). It is 19 x 13.5cm (7.5 x 5.25in) So as her 4th birthday is coming up soon, I will be doing another layout. In fact I may attempt a double page layout! More to say!!!

Anyway, there is an overwhelming amount of digital supplies out there on the web, and I have only fiddled with freebies so far, and am trying to "self-teach" myself how to use Photoshop Elements. I find the program a little frustrating sometimes because I used to work with a professional publishers layout program years ago (£900 worth!) and so find Photoshop Elements (PSE) a bit "clunky". However, if you'd like to dabble in digi scrapping, then PSE is a good one to use (£50). And of course, like me you can have a go for free, by downloading freebie digi papers, elements and alphas just to see how it is for you, as you can use them in programs like Word.

I warn you though, the file sizes for the graphics are huge, and that's before you put any pictures on a layout, so you need a fair amount of RAM. I recently added to mine and now have 750Mb of RAM, which works ok.

So the list of ingredients for the above layout...

Brown crumpled writing paper by Eva Kipler available from

Swirl frame from the freebie “Festival” by Shabby Princess

Background papers and flower by Tracy Collins (known as Retrodiva) available from

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