Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ah! Holiday Scrapbooks

Now there's an event... hopefully a regular one... which is an event in itself, they usually inpire many snaps of all those things you don't want to forget and so - by "many" snaps I mean LOADS!

I have found it best to create an album dedicated to that one particular holiday.

Now you are probably thinking... " Gosh I don't want to do a whole 12x12 album just for a week in ... blah blah!"

Well by album - I am actually referring to a Paper Bag Book (PBB)!

If you choose to put together 3 paper bags you end up with front and back covers, plus 5 Double Page Spreads (DPS) and 3 pockets.

Now the covers and the DPSs are straight forward enough - just 6x6" pages, but in a PBB it's the pockets which are of particular use, and that's because of the the "stuff" you can get into each pocket.

You can get a number journaling cards/tags in one pocket, thus allowing plenty of room, if you have lots to say. Or of course, you can include yet more photographs.

I will post photos shortly - but in a recent holiday PBB, I placed a pocket on one of the journaling cards into which I "stored" about 8 6x4" photos. They are just "as is" and, if I want to, I can journal on the back of the photos too!

TIP: if you do write on the back of your photos with a biro, it is worth sticking or slipping thin paper between each as atmospherics can make the ink mark the photo beneath. Either that or use a proper photograph marker.

I quite often make up a PBB (or any other type of album with pockets) and leave the journaling tag/cards/inserts (whatever you wish to call them) blank for my journaling later.

Try not to get too caught up with journaling as you go along, if you think of things to say as you make up your page layouts, then by all means, write some notes to remind you, but it is worth leaving the 'full on' journaling till the end.

And if you have "oodles" to say - maybe you wrote a diary whilst you were away - then try typing it into your computer, printing it out smaller than usual (say 9pt instead of the usual 11 or 12pt) and fold the paper into a neat package, tie it with a ribbon and adhere that to one of your cards.

It is surprising just how much journaling you can get int a small space when you try!

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