Sunday, September 16, 2007

Scrapbooking TIP - getting started when you have LOADS of photos to scrap

Well I was hoping that I would be able to post the completed mini album that I used as a demonstration at the ScrapBuddies Crop yesterday, but I was so busy teaching - which I love to do by the way - that I didn't get to finish sticking it all together.

Normally I would just post it a bit later, but I am off to sunnier climbs for a week now and as I may not have suitable access to the internet, I may well not be able to post here again for a few days now!

However, as soon as everything "scrapbooking" is finished I will post it here first! If I can't have exclusivity on my own blog... where can I have it?!

However, before I go I will give you a TIP...

I have often heard the groan "Oh I have SO many photos to scrap, that I just can't keep track of it all".

Now that to me means "I am feeling overwhelmed by my own unreasonable targets to scrap everything". Everybody gets overwhelmed to the point of inaction, they just don't know where to start.

My advice... Stop telling yourself that you HAVE to scrapbook everything. As an example, if you have a load of photographs from a birthday party, don't think you have to have every single one on a layout. Nor should you worry that you haven't Incorporated them all.

Scrap your favourites, it may only be one large one from the party. That's ok, with the other photographs... you can do one of the following:

1. make a concertina album and place a small pictures onto each of its pages, tie a ribbon around it and adhere it to your layout.

2. place all the unused photos into a suitable pocket/envelope and stick that to the page (OR) stick it to the back of your layout just for storage.

You can always go back at some later date and put more pictures onto more scrapbooking pages, but at least you have some sort of part of the event (or just a set of photos) that has a layout.

I guarantee you will feel better, knowing you have done something rather than nothing because of how daunting it all seemed!

The photograph shows an open concertina booklet on a layout. The photos were'nt good ennough on their own, but together and small they make a good interactive feature to the page.

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