Friday, September 14, 2007

A little bit more organised - scrapbooking mini album

Mini albums are great for scrapping an entire "mini" event! Something like a day out or just spending time with someone, friends, relatives, etc.

They are also great for a single subject - such as Valentine - a like or dislike (if you're feeling grumpy!!).
Most of all they are fun to make and easy. Although you can still get wrapped up in what papers, or colours or whatever to use, once you have the general idea of colours and papers, just search out all sorts of embellishments and put them on a tray beside you.
Then with all your pages (ie your backgrounds) laid out in front of you, you can start to roughly place your pictures and embellishments. It's a litle like a jigsaw... you move bits and pieces around until they just fit!
Here is a photo of my preparation for my demonstration tomorrow - a bit neater than the last one a few posts back!
Nothing is stuck down, just laid on so I can still move it around if it looks better elsewhere.
One tip... try to find a large piece of white paper to work on, or maybe stick some pieces together to make a large white mat!
Although my desk is a very pale cream (I believe the paint was called "Hessian" ooh er!) it is amazing how much influence it can have on a layout!
And I can't emphasize enough about using a daylight bulb in your desk lamp... and yes... you should be using a desk lamp!

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