Friday, September 07, 2007

Why we should scrapbook ourselves part 4 - Scrapbooking our Love

Now I am aware that in Part 3 of this series I did say that Part 4 would be about a Valentines Mini Book!

Well I will be posting it, I haven’t forgotten! I just need to get around to taking the photos! And I am actually using it by way of a demo item for the next Scrapbuddies crop next weekend – cos they all saw it last time and want to have a go! (Just the mini album bit, you understand, not the valentine bit!! LOL!) That will be in Part 5.

Anyway, this Part 4 is still about scrapbooking yourself, but this time it’s about making a layout that shows your love for someone (or something like a pet or a place).

It is still about you - your likes and dislikes - but it should a positive thing about what you appreciate in others. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about “love”, but it should be a positive feeling. So anything from like, to appreciate about, to really care about, to someone/something you are thankful for… etc.

I have been watching the DVD and reading the book of something called The Secret. It is about the Law of Attraction. Whatever you think and feel about you bring about. There is link to the website at the bottom of this post. I would recommend everybody, even cynics, take a look at this stuff, as I believe it to be helpful even in the smallest way of just getting you to think more positively.

We all know that when we are in a good mood, little troubles don’t seem to stress us out as when we are already wound up and feeling pessimistic.

And one of the best ways to get you in a positive mood is to think about something or someone you like! Now that’s not rocket science, is it? So an album about you, doesn’t just have to be about YOU. It is about YOUR LIFE and appreciating what is good about your life NOW is really important.

Also, your scrapbook can inspire and encourage your family, and friends. And the best way to do this apart from true journaling on your part, is to create layouts that point out the special qualities and talents that you see in them.

In your pages… talk to them, tell them how much you love them, and how special they are, or how grateful you are for them being in your life. Tell them about the good points you see. It doesn’t matter how small, it could be that you just like their hair… doesn’t matter as long as it is a positive feeling.

Be expressive, if you are going to feel embarrassed should the person (who is the focus of the layout) see it then just keep it to one side until you are happy with the idea, but for the purposes of a BOM, don’t hold back. It’s your chance to allow yourself to “feel” these emotions. A BOM is a fantastic way to “give yourself permission” to say how you really feel.

There is also the possibility that a scrapbooking layout about the unique qualities of a certain person could actually be given as a gift – it can help lift them when they aren't feeling so confident about themselves. It is a unique and very special and personal gift.

If you can’t find the words…. Use song lyrics, there are lots out there of things that can be translated to friendship – they are not all about romance!!

So the next time you pick your stash, why not scrap a heartfelt page about your love (or just like) for someone/something.

It can only put you in a good frame of mind!

What Is The Secret

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Hi Sunday, not sure if you have seen this or not!
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There are some great LOs to see.