Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Share - Upload your Scrapbooking Layouts onto the web

Why not share your favourite layout online? Then we can all take a ganders and appreciate all your hard work!

On the Everything ABout Scrapbooking site there is a page where you can upload a picture of your layout.

This is what they say...

Don't hide your favorite scrapbook layouts in your closet. Pull them out and publish them right here at this site!
Let your scrapbook layouts be seen. Give them a second wind. Share your favorites. Inspire other scrapbookers and be inspired.
Once you've published your layout and it's uploaded on this site, you can even invite your family and friends to comment and rate on them!
I wish I have an all-time favorite layout, but I've not found that layout yet. Though I do have a current favorite layout... and it's usually my latest creation! So if you have a hard time choosing among your many favorites, show us your latest favorite.

Everyone has favorites... what's yours? Here's a great place to showcase your favorite layouts! Let others take a look at your favorites. Too many to choose from? How about picking your current favorite? What about your all-time favorite? Then write something about your chosen layout with us.

Get published - even if you do, do it yourself!

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