Monday, September 03, 2007

Sketching again

Thought I would show you the actual sketch that I used which came from the Little Book of Sketches website, so that you can compare it to my finished layout.

I thought it would be useful because some people get a bit "hung up" on copying a sketch verbatum and worrying if it is not exactly like the original sketch example.

Although my layout is fairly close to this sketch I have made some changes. For instance the three squares on the top of the photomat appear as 5 square brads on the bottom of my photomat.
The Squiggly lines (like stitching) on this sketch have been translated to straight ribbons on my layout. Now I could say that this was to reflect the angular form of the car...! But in fact it was because I couldn't be bothered to get the sewing machine out!

Also I have used the opportunity to place three smaller pictures around the edge instead of all the small squares being just patterned paper.

I will post some more here shortly of my translation of various sketches and I can thoroughly recommend them as a way of focusing the mind just enough to enable you to get a scrapbooking layout actually finished without getting too sidetracked by form half way through!

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