Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Scrapbook Journaling Ideas

I'm packing (again) for another week away, and have a streaming cold too right now so haven't been able to type up my notes! So here is a little exerpt from the "everything about Scrapbooking site, about some journaling ideas. I think they are quite interesting!

The Layout here is a "Favourite Layout" as published on the above site's pages.

Journaling about Significant "Invisible" Issues
It's unlikely that you'll have a photo for every significant moment or event that happened in your life. OK, maybe you might now arm yourself with a digital camera wherever you are for those "just-in-case" moments.

Still, some of the most impromptu and important moments struck before you can hit the camera's button.

Go ahead and create a scrapbook layout revealing your joy, your triumphs, your failures and the good and bad bits of such moments, without the photos. Don't get stuck marrying photos to every layout.

You can always use a photo from another event for such a layout. Alternatively, simply skip the photo part and let your journaling take the center stage.

Let your memories play full out in words.

Journaling about Little Care Instructions
Create a scrapbook sharing little care instructions for your little boy and little girl. I got this idea from Creating Keepsakes' founder, Lisa Bearnson.

Such a scrapbook containing care instructions can prove to be a life savior in times of emergencies. When mommy isn't around for awhile, daddy or the temporary caretaker can have an "instruction manual" to refer to.

Flipping through the little care instruction scrapbook, the temporary caretaker can quickly know what is your girl's favorite doll that soothes her, what TV program is a must-watch every afternoon at 2pm for your boy, and what's their nap time.

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Siobhan said...

Hi Sunday, funny you should write about this as I have just posted a LO on UKS about an issue which, although not invisible and I included some photos, was mainly about the journalling for me. It was incredibly cathartic to get the emotions out of my hesad and onto paper, so glad I did it. I would definitely recommend this as a cheaper alternative to therapy!