Monday, September 24, 2007

Thank you for…

Just getting back to “The Secret” (see Sept 7th Post) for a moment – A pal I have met through UK Scrappers left me a message on that post to say that there is actually a blog specifically re “Scrapbooking the Secret”.

Unfortunately it only appears to have been live for a short while but gives you an idea about it all.

That site goes into scrapping pages about yourself, but I was thinking about how our love of scrapping could help us “attract” more “good” into our lives.


Well, you probably know all about “affirmations” – the famous one being…

“Every day in Every way, I’m getting better and better”!

Wee we all need to think in a different way – a more positive way – about ourselves, our loved ones and our lives generally.

To this end, and because we are all in the ‘bad habit’ of not being thankful for what we already have, we need to constantly remind ourselves to say thank you.

So I was thinking… why not make up some reminders, some people stick Post Its on their mirrors , put notes on the fridge door, etc…

Why not scrap some and hang them around the place – think how much more aesthetically pleasing they would be.

So… my mission this week… to make at least one reminder – which I shall put by my bed, so I see it when I awake, so it’s the first thing I do, and it will say something like…

“Thank You for all the Good in My Life”.

I will upload a photo of the finished item as soon as I have made it.

In the meantime… here is a layout I did of myself and my trusty camera – something I am truly grateful for. And… what’s more I was given a large amount of the money for it from a friend and some more from my mum and the rest I gathered together, in time for the birth of my daughter. And, of course, ever since scrapbooking came into my life, I use it almost on a daily basis. And my camera is so much more than just something that takes snaps!

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