Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sketches for “LOADS” of photos!

We see so many layouts with just one photo on them. And yet we have thousands of photographs just busting to be used. Why do we have to choose just one photo from an event or photo session?

Well the answer is you don’t have to at all.

Of course it is a lot easier to create layouts if you have the ability to print out any size, ie you print using your own computer, but it is just as possible using photographs already printed. That is because you can make the most of all the “slightly dodgy” photos by cropping in really tight to someone’s head and shoulders (for instance) and cut out all the other dross!

You can crop in tight to features, like eyes, on portraits that fill a 6x4 photo, and all these little photos enhance the main one or two photographs on your layout to give a much better overall story.

Of course, if you do print your own straight from your computer – you have the huge flexibility to just print out the whole pictures smaller, but even then it is really worth taking the opportunity to crop pictures in interesting ways.

For instance, you may not believe it, but cropping off a third to half of the face in a portrait picture can been really effective! Try it!

And of course, by layout I mean a single page or a DPS (double page spread). Challenge yourself to scrap all the pictures you took at your child’s/grandchild’s last birthday!

This is the link for some sketches using 10 or more photos on DPS. It’s by Becky Higgins and is on the Creating Keepsakes site.

The page here is only an 8x8, and yet I have managed to get 5 photographs on it. And that was because I wanted to use them all, but they didn’t all warrant pages to themselves, especially as they are all on the same theme.

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