Monday, September 08, 2008

Stretching your paper to fit a Scrapbook page

Yesterday I mentioned I would show you the back of the layout I had just posted.

A little reminder of the page here>>>>

And that's only basically because the back of the scrapbooking page layout is interesting... but not very aesthetically pleasing! LOL

Anyway, I made mention that I had "stretched" 6x6 paper to make an 8x8 layout.

Well as you can see from the back, I cut a small corner of the pink paper and placed it at the opposite corner underneath the paint swatch cards, to make it look like a full 8x8.

Also the Blue patterned paper was placed on top of the bottom half of the pink paper (layered) so as to make up the 8x8 in that area.

So you can easily see that you don't have to have the correct size (or bigger) paper to create a background.

I will probably place this layout onto a backing paper... just to tidy up and make the whole scrapbooking page feel a little more rigid!

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