Thursday, September 18, 2008

Poor old Toffee!

Poor old Toffee was spayed today (Friday 19th Sept - looks like Blogger is having trouble with the dates at the moment if you look at their date of this post)!

This is her back at home about an hour ago... tired, quiet and doleful.

Bless her, she went in feeling ok, and came out feeling like...!

I feel very guilty, but it had to be done! She's currently sleeping next to Harley, but I keep checking on her in case she's "fiddling" with her stitches. She was given back to me with one of those funnel hoods on!, but I don't want her to wear it too much.

On a lighter note, I watched Honey at her first Thanksgiving festival today! ... joined the school children and a few other parents. What can I say... I'm not a great fan of churches or indeed religion, but it wasn't too "biblical" so lighthearted for the little ones! The Rev even got a puppet crow out for a few moments!!

And yes, of course, I took my camera! But it begs the question every time as to whether people worry about me taking photos of their children?

And I wonder about putting their pictures on here! I have some lovely photos of Honey with her friends, but alas, I feel I cannot put them on here. Although I have in the past asked a parent if I could "publish a layout" with her child in it, which was ok.

Will I have to do that with all the photos/LOs do you think?

I feel it's a shame to mask out faces of a scrapbooking layout, is that the way we are headed though?

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