Friday, September 05, 2008

My new Gadget - for Scrapbooking Videos

Well here it is... my new Flip Video!

This means that I can now take a video of something and then plug this gadget into my Laptop, and upload the video to YouTube within minutes!
Cool eh?!
The reason I bought this camera is because I plan to include scrapbooking videos on this blog and on the website.
They will be short little videos just showing you how to make things such as embellishments for free of mini books, and the like.
So as of next week I shall be doin' some filmin'!
The quality of the films will be typical YouTube quality in the first instance, but I understand there is a way to upload and view slightly higher quality ones, so I will look into that.
But I personally like to watch people making stuff rather than static photos and words and spaces, so do "watch this space" as they say..., some scrapbooking (and even card making) videos coming your way!

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