Sunday, September 07, 2008

Budget Scrapbooking looks just as good

This is an 8x8 page I finished today.

It's made from 6x6 paper and a couple of colour swatches from a local DIY store.

You know the thing, those strips of paper with paint colours on that you take home to decide what colour you're going to paint your walls! And the best part is that they are FREE... can't get more "budget" than that!

Well I love those displays of rainbow coloured bits of card... I just want to take them all home!

So occasionally I do... and not always because I want to paint some walls... shhh, don't tell anyone!

Anyway, they are very useful if you want a splash of colour on a scrapbooking page, and I love graduated colours, so these cards are perfect for me.

They are also great for adding bold colours to layouts about children too! And even the more subtle colours... the type we actually end up painting on our walls LOL... are good for soft tonal effects.

But you'd best not all rush down to the local DIY store together, lest they catch on... one at a time please... and it helps to look like you have a wall to paint! LOL

Tomorrow... I'll show you the back of this scrapbooking layout... how you can "stretch" a 6x6 piece of paper to make an 8x8!

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