Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Scrapbooking Videos

It is the new era of internet and nowadays that means much more audio and visual stuff available.

Words and spaces with the odd photo just aren't enough any more.

Gone are the days of faceless websites, to keep up with new trends, demands, whatever you want to call it, video as standard is the way things are headed.

Obviously YouTube has broadened that horizon and I have been looking into what's around in the way of videos because I recently purchased a "Flip Video"... I will post a photo of the nifty little gadet tomorrow.

But I bought with a view of personalising my websites - which includes this blog. So in the not too distant future I shall be talking to you as well as writing... ok, ok, don't all start running for the hills!

But in the meantime, I shall give you a taster of videos already available!

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