Saturday, September 13, 2008

Card - Using up scraps

Here is an A5 greetings card I made using the scraps from the Circle Journal entry (posted last Thursday). I'm trying to get into the habit of making a card from the leftover bits of my scrapbooking endavours before I tidy up!

You will see it's made in a VERY similar style to the pages in the CJ!

The close up picture shows the machine stitching of the ribbon.

I have to say that I did this fairly randomly, in that I held the pieces of paper together and ran them through the sewing machine and then ran them through again scrunching up the ribbon as I went.

It wasn't until that was all finished that I adhered the whole thing to the page and added the buttons.

So I suppose... technically... I made a page accent first, which I then stuck to a card?!!

Either way, this technique is great for scrapbooking too. I enjoy using the sewing machine for things like this.

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