Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Another EASY way to record your Stamps

Yesterday, I explained a way of recording what stamps you have in your stash by actually stamping the images.

Well here is another way of doing a similar thing.

Photocopy your stamps!

A lot of us have 3-in-one printers nowadays, and this technique is really only for those with easy access to a photocopier.

The photo here shows the actual stamps in their packaging on the right and the photocopied image on the left. It may have been worth taking them out of the cellophane wrapping to avoid the reflection, but by photocopying the packaging I will know what sort of packet I am looking for when I start to rummage!

Another point to remember about this way of doing things is that the stamps pictured have a printed acrylic sheet to which the stamps are stuck! The stamps themselves, being clear, don't photocopy that well! Used clear stamps with residue ink still on them can, however, provide a clear enough photocopied image.

But this is a good technique for the solid rubber unmounted stamps too, such as "See D's".

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