Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Denim Greetings Card

This is a card I have made using the material from a girls skirt I found in a charity shop for 50P!

I actually bought the skirt because of the lovely embroidery all around the hem of the skirt. But when I was cutting up the material I thought I could make use of the front of the garment and this is the result.

I did rather make it up as I went along!

The middle picture shows the pencil marks I made on the front of the card so that I could then make holes through the card before starting to sew.

You may wonder why I didn't just sew the material onto another piece of card and then stick that onto the greetings card blank! Well the reason I didn't was because I wanted the higgledy piggledy sewing to show through on the inside of the card. (bottom pic)

When I have a recipient in mind I will put the greeting, or some quote or other within the stitches, thereby using it as a frame.

You see there is always a method in my madness! LOL

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