Monday, June 09, 2008

A trick for handwritten journaling

Here is a tip for getting large handwriting onto your layouts.

If, like me, your natural handwriting style is to scribe with quite large letters, try writing onto a larger piece of paper - placing some lined guides underneath to help - and write in your normal style.

When you are finished, make a photocopy of your journaling and reduce it's size. Most 3-in-1 printers have this facility. Just use the program on your PC (the one which will have come with your printer) and reduce the size down.

In the photograph here, there is my original handwriting at the top and the photocopy at 50% reduction at the bottom. I have placed a pen in the picture to give you an idea of size.

Also, you can use this technique for printing your handwriting onto any coloured paper or card that you can fit through your printer. This is great if you are nervous of writing onto "good paper".

And... wait there's more!... you can use your scanner to scan in your handwritten piece and use the scan on a digital scrapbooking page!

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