Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sticky Dots to the rescue

For those of you with children already, you will probably identify with what I am about to say..!

For those of you who are yet to partake of the wonders of parenthood (hmmm, maybe a teensy bit of sarcasm there! LOL), take heed of this 'ere warnin'!!

Don't get rid of your stash when the kids come along... you're gonna need it!!!

My daughter was given a children's magazine by her auntie and within it's bright colourful pages was a die cut racing car. My daughter of course, wanted to make it, and for the most part it was ok, but very fiddly, and needed sticky tape to stop it all springing apart while you tried to put the next "tab A in slot B" sort of thing!

Well, luckily for me it was bathtime for daughter just before we embarked on the wheels (daddy does the baths!), so I continued without her as they looked a bit fiddly... well there was an understatement!

The instructions called for some sticky tape, but there is no way these wheel would have stayed together without the use of my sticky dots!

I had to put sticky dots on all the tabs around the circumference of the wheel in order to keep them from sliding straight out of the treads before I had even managed to get the requested sticky tape anywhere near them!

There is no way that a older child would have successfully made these wheels, let alone a 4 year old!

I wouldn't mind but I have never even heard of "Roary" the Racing car!!!!!

So be warned... you'll need your scrapbooking tools for all sorts of things... this isn't the first time my crafting equipment has come to the rescue!

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Denyze said...

Hi Sunday, I've spent most of the morning reading your amazing blog, I'm not a scrapper but one day that will change!

Had to laugh about you making Roary the Racing Car, and that you'd never heard of him. I had to watch Roary and record him for my little boy every morning!!!!! Peter Kay is the voice of one of the character's, and he does a bit of ad libbing in it. Catch it if you can, channel 5.