Monday, June 23, 2008

Circle Journal - "The Little Things" - my pages

I finished my double page layout for the last Circle Journal in my group.

Again, it's something that turned out unexpectedly nice! LOL

I did indeed decide to attempt some more hybrid scrapbooking and this is the result!

The digi part is the background paper merged with a photo on each page. And the journaling paper on the right hand page is also digital.

The oval tag on the left page is a digital element onto which I placed the title for the DPS, but I printed it separately and cut it out, to then embellish and adhere to the layout using foam pads.

The journaling reads...

Little Things that Lift My Heart
To just watch the wildlife in the garden - oh to be
absorbed by the simplicity of the moment.To experience the calm and serenity of
gazing upon fish slowly gliding through clear waters.To see raindrops on roses
and to smell their perfume, which seems that much sweeter when they are picked
from one’s own garden.To be outside on a still warm summer’s night and gaze at
the stars.To hear the first song of the Skylark in Spring, singing of the
certainty that summer is on it’s way.
Such things I am grateful for now and always.

Now I was going to list all the items I have used here but the papers and elements have cryptic file names and I can't remember from where I bought/downloaded them... so apologies to the designers! And maybe some designers names in the file names wouldn't go amiss!

I will have to make sure I rename the files (if necessary) when I separate the kits next time!

More detailed pics tomorrow.

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Julie Ann Shahin said...

So lovely! I hope you share this also at SDM!!!! Yay!