Friday, June 27, 2008

Scrapbooking Sayings

There are many phrases or quotes that are used a lot in Scrapbooking, not so much in cardmaking though.

One common one, which gets used on layouts of children or young people is:

Dare to Dream

This is one that was initially inspirational to me... then just familiar, but then I started to "think" about what it "actually" means.
Do you know what it actually means?
It doesn't just mean "think big", "go for your dreams", "follow your heart" and all that. It's the "Dare" part of the phrase that really calls in the attention!
We all dream of things we would like to have, but most of us never "believe" we can have them. And it's not the physicality of "how" we could get those things, or experience such things... it's much more likely to be because in our subconscious, we don't believe we "deserve" such things!
Think of something you REALLY want, and watch what pops up in your head! All sorts of obstacles as to why not, I'll wager! Have you ever said to yourself "Well exactly WHY can't I do... have... be?" whatever it is?
Try making a scrapbook page about something you really want, and call it "Dare to Dream", but this time... scrap it as if it is "already yours", write about it in the present tense, and be thankful you have it now.
The Dare doesn't refer to the Dream....
It refers to the BELIEF!
Try it... explore your feelings... it's enlightening I assure you!

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