Monday, June 16, 2008

I know it's June but here's a Christmas Album!

Yes Yes, I know... the sun is shining, the sky is blue...well it is somewhere, right! LOL

Anyway, despite all that lovely summery stuff, I have just finished (yesterday) a Christmas 6x6" album which I started last year! It then went on the back burner as the mojo for it left me.

The mojo hasn't really returned, but I'm on a bit of a...

"Clear up the unfinished stuff first" quest, so I 'made' myself finish this!
So I kept it simple, which is actually hard for me! I find myself often falling into the time consuming trap of "over doing" stuff.
I think the main problem I had with this album was my choice of papers, etc (which was actually a summery kit) wasn't the best choice as the colours were odd for Christmas. However, it's done now and I can move onto the next scrapbooking page idea that has been hanging in it's "LAYOUT TO DO" folder on my wall!

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