Thursday, June 26, 2008

Simple Digital Scrapbooking Page

This is a very simple 6x6 scrapbooking page!

Or so you would think!

It's a classic case of "simple when you know how"! LOL
On the back of the hybrid pages I made for the circle journal (see Monday and Tuesday's posts) I decided that my pictures were a bit "washed out" once I had "Blended" them with the background paper.
So I decided to have another go and chose some patterned paper by Amy Teets "Sunporch" collection and this picture of my husband, Miles!
I googled for some more Photoshop Elements tutorials (good old Google, now a verb!) and found this tutorial from
This information, couple with that from a tutorial from ScrapGirls I managed to work out why my pictures hadn't been clear and managed this layout with a clear image of my hubby's face, gently blended into the patterned paper.
I have printed it out and will embellish a little - thereby it will become a hybrid scrapbooking page. I am then using it to start a "Random Images" album, of no particular size thanks to the idea from Ali Edwards (see this post).

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