Tuesday, June 03, 2008

One EASY way to know what stamps you have!

How many stamps do you have? Do you know?

Can you remember what all your stamps look like?

Have they been tucked away somewhere and rarely see the light of day, so you have forgotten what you have?

Well, a solution to that little dilemma is to "Stamp your Stamps"!

Make a stamped image of all your stamps onto pieces of A4 (or 8.5 x 11") and then you can place the paper into a folder (or just clip them together) and keep that handy so that you can see quickly and easily what you have. Once you decide on the stamp(s) you want... then you can play "hunt the stamp" LOL.

If you have your stamps in difference places, ie, "box 1.", "box 2.", etc, you can easily write a note on the sheets of stamped paper about the whereabouts of each the stamps for ease of retrieval!

The stamped images do not have to be perfect, they are literally to give you an idea of what the image is and how big it is!

The photograph shows a some stamps (Anna Griffin) still on their background acrylic storage sheet. All I did was roughly ink up all 5 stamps at the same time and then just make a rough print. If I wanted to I could have filled the whole of the sheet of paper.

This is great for alphabets too... especially as you can see what the actual size is straight away and can "offer up" the printed sheets to a scrapbooking page-in-progress to check a stamp's suitability before the rummaging begins!

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