Sunday, June 29, 2008

Inspiration from Children's books

I was in the local library recently in the children's section with my daughter and came found this book on the shelf.

What caught my eye was the lovely illustration on the cover.

I really like Art Nouveau and these illustrations are akin to that sort of design.

Inside the double page layouts are sumptuous in their illustration, not only of the picture depicting the story, but also of the "frame" surrounding the main picture.

I have made some notes regarding the design elements of the illustrations in this book and plan to make a scrapbooking layout - maybe a double page layout (in the same way these are DPLs) - and, of course I will post the resulting layout when I have done.

I may also produce a ScrapBuddies sketch based on these lovely drawings too.

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Bookdude said...

Yes I really like these sort of books. My children really enjoy the illustrations.
We've recently signed up for StoryboxBooks which are similar and we find very entertaining.