Friday, June 13, 2008

A different way to ride

Last weekend my daughter, Honey, had a "vaulting" lesson!

Yes, she is only 4!

But she did love it so! She wanted to canter on a horse and, because she is not that practised at riding yet, the only way to achieve that goal was to put on a horse "with" somebody.

So a vaulting lesson it was! She had a ball!

She did all sorts of fun things, like cantering without holding on (as in the picture) and dismounting over the horses bottom (!) and riding the horse backwards, along with the more gymnastic (circus act type stuff) such as kneeling and standing on a moving horse!

I actually fancied having a go myself! And the weather was great too!

Big Bertha, the horse, was very well behaved and patient and the teacher and her young assistant were caring and attentive of Honey... so well done again to Pakefield Riding School in Lowestoft!

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