Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Scrapbooking Page Layout - My Hope

In my continuing quest to complete some of the pages I have either half done, or just "put ideas together" into a folder, I finished this one Monday night!

The smaller of the picture was already framed by an embellished card, and it was that which I was trying to "work around".

I looked up at the papers and the framed photo in it's "to do" bag and thought... "nope, I just don't like that frame... it has got to go!"

So I ripped it (carefully) out of its surroundings and made up the page you see here.

This is another Layout that has been waiting for a long time to be "done"!

The journaling says...

My Hope

…for you, is actually a hope for me!
It is the hope that I am able to teach you the life skills that I myself am only just discovering.
I so want to give you an advantage which wasn’t open to me as a child.
These are not the skills of how to cook, or how to sew, but skills of how to create the world around you, to be happy and follow your passion whatever that turns out to be.
As an adult I am struggling through years of ingrained negativity, but I truly hope, my love, that if I start to try to teach you when you are young it will become second nature by the time you are a young woman and will help you for the rest of the your life.

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