Monday, March 17, 2008

15 Minute Scrapbooking Layout

So this is the final post regarding the use of paint... in this case acrylics... on your layouts.

The page pictured here is of a 15 minute page! Literally... I took 15 minutes to make this layout. I have to admit it is nothing special, but the idea was to make a quick page ready for a "Daddy and Daughter" picture - of which there will be many!

The circles have been stencilled through the cardboard set of holes (pictured below). This was the "left-overs" from a new children's board game... it is from where the round counters for the game were pressed out.

The title was created by stippling paint through a normal plastic lettering stencil (also pictured below) and the ruler edge of the letter stencil was used to create the two stippled lines .

The rest is ripped paper and a couple of lines of ribbon.

The white space of course, is just to show where the photograph will go eventually.

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