Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Snow's gone!

Well we had snow here at the top end of Suffolk (UK), but it didn't stay for long.

Still my daughter can now stop complaining that she hasn't been able to make a snowman! She had a great time with Daddy, playing in the snow with some neighbours in the playground behind the houses here.

My husband commented that it was all dads with the kids apart from one mum that was out with her son, but that was only because his daddy was at work!

Well I said, that's because us women as daft enough to go outside and get totally wet and freezing cold! (there are exceptions I realise, but on the whole us women know when to stay indoors in the warm!) LOL.

Anyway, I didn't manage to get any decent photos of the snow this time round! tut!

The bottom photo here is of the view out of my office/craft room window and the very black sky. trouble is... with the camera on "auto" it tries to compensate for the stark contrast and so the resulting picture isn't quite a striking as it was in real life!

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