Sunday, March 23, 2008

A slimline Easter

Well how is your chocolate consumption doing?

I have been steering clear of goodies in general of late in an attempt to lose some weight, and it is actually working. If it's not in the house I can't pick at it!

So obviously with this in mind, when my husband went to buy Easter gifts for various people, he gave me an envelope!

Inside was a voucher from a local lingerie (including sexy stuff) shop! It states the date at which I will be able to collect an item from the shop (ordered off catalogue).

This means of course, that my husband went in and had a jolly good look through the new catalogues in the shop, and ordered something for me!

Very nice of him and obviously non-fattening, which is excellent, but this begs the question...

"Whose Easter gift was this...?!"

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