Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The route to inspiration

I am currently creating a layout using a masking technique. That is the subject of my next demonstration at Scrapbuddies.

The theme was inspired by a scrapbooker known as Scrapperlicious! And here is a link to the item about the masking technique.
My page is a vague scraplift of the one shown. The finished page is in her "baby gallery" entitled "Inside".

The route to all this was via a team member on UKS who posted a link to Scrapperlicious' site because she admired all the lovely scrapbooking layouts. I believe she was just browsing around at the time. Funny how we end up in places or with things that are useful to us eh?!

What is my layout about..? it's about the tasteful decoration with which I adorned my car (during the 90s). And the words you can't quite make out on the boot of the car (also on the bonnet!) ...

"Why Not!" Something for all your Barry Norman fans out there! (That joke will probably only work in the UK!) LOL!

So tasteful! You could see me coming for miles! Best theft deterrent there is too! I never needed to lock my car in those days... who was going to steal that!!!!!!

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