Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Just a quick post this evening!

This is Toffee, my 10 year old Jack Russell! Last Christmas time/New Year, she was 'in season' again!
So now, (after a normal gestation period of 9 weeks, although I think it's a bit longer) she THINKS she has puppies!
Well actually one puppy, and it's strangely ball-shaped with a bell inside! LOL
She will hardly leave her bed, doesn't want to go for walks and if she does come, she runs home by herself, through the side gate, round the back of the house and in through the dog flap and back to bed - and her ball-shaped puppy!!
Thankfully, there are no roads to cross between the fields where we walk and our house.
So, poor old thing spends her life at the moment with this ball in her mouth! Her jaw must ache somewhat by now, daft dog. Hormones eh!
Oh well, she doesn't know it... but I booked her in to the vet to get her spayed in early April, then hopefully, no more seasons and no more phantom pregnancies! Bless.
All this reminds me that I must do more scrapbooking layouts about my dogs.

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