Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Sketch challenge

I was browsing around recently and found this great DLO (double layout). It is from the site.

I've posted it here because I am all for managing to squeeze on lots of pictures onto a layout. More is better in this case, if you're trying to archive your mountain of photos!

Here is the text that goes with it...
Scrapbook Sketch #19
This scrapbook sketch has room for 16 photos. With three standard-size photos, there's still room for 13 smaller square photos. It's great for doing an occasion/event layout where you want to squeeze in more photos. If you like the design but don't have that many photos, remember that you can always substitute the square photos with embellishments or journaling text.

So I think I may use this sketch shortly myself. If you do make a layout, it would be lovely to see your work, do drop me a line and I'm happy to post a picture of it on here.

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