Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mother's Day Things

Well I had a fairly nice day... only fairly because I still had to sort the lunch and dinner, but it was good! My husband took my daughter to a play place for a few hours so that I could have some peace and quiet, which was nice of him.

I took the opportunity to make my own mother's card! I have taken a photograph, but I won't post it till she has received it. It would not be right for the whole of the world to have seen it before her! LOL Besides there is the remote chance she might pop on here!

So the picture is of something myself and my daughter did together this afternoon... painting and colouring. The painting was with ready filled brushes, kind of like a pigment filled water brush. You just give them a squeeze and the paint runs down the hairs!

I don't know what these drawings are called, but I call them Scribble Colourings! As you can see Honey went for the Gothic look! She took a shine to a "permanent" marker I was using, so of course I was sitting there worrying that she was going to get it all over her clothes, and when it says permenant, it means it! Phew no marks thankfully. Anyway her's started as a scribble similar to mine and then she decided to colour every area in black. Not quite got the idea... bless her! Of course all her masterpieces are signed, although usually much more neatly and legibly than that frankly!

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