Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just Paint!

Well this layout was another of those prepared for the demonstration yesterday regarding making and using paint on layouts.

This was also a challenge to myself to create a scrapbooking layout using only paint.

Yes there is a little bit of ribbon on there, but the rest consists only of a piece of black background card and the photograph itself!
I have used acrylic on the background by using the "dry brush technique" first.
Then I have used a foam stamp for the flowers, stamping up to three times from one "inking" to obtain the different depths of opacity of the flowers, and overlapping them slightly over each other and off the edge of the page to get a more "natural" irregularity to the pattern.
I used foam letters, (and this was a bit fiddly because they weren't stamps, so didn't have handles to hold!) for the title.
Finally I painted a rectangle to use as a mat for the photo, simply by offering up the photo and making the rectangle big enough to show around he edges.
Journaling and the line around the title letters were both created with a white gel pen which I have found to be quite good (opacity-wise) it's from Pentel and is called a "Hybrid-Gel Grip".
I recently bought a pen from my local papercraft shop and it's useless. It's from ZIG Memory System. It's double ended and is supposed to give you the "chalk" look... I bought a white one, but so far it's not good!
Anyway... that's my layout for paint only!


Julie said...

Wow thanks for sharing these awesome techniques - Im definitely going to have to try the masking one - that looked so amazing!

whoopidoo said...

Yup, me too. Love it :)