Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cards for more solemn occasions

I did wonder whether or not to post a picture of these cards!

Why?... well because I have made them for members of distant family in their bereavement. I wondered whether it was in poor taste sharing them with the world.

But I decided to post them here today (I have only just made them) because in our craft - paper craft, card making and scrapbooking - there are many times when we need to express our more solemn and sad moments of life. And the loss of a loved one is one of those times.

There are lots of books and magazines about how to make lots of lovely cards, but I can't remember seeing a "With Sympathy" design... can you?

In these identical cards, for two sisters who have lost their dad... my great uncle, I did not want to include black. It is such a depressing colour on such an occasion. So I have used cool, soft shades which (I hope) convey a sense of peace and a compassionate understanding of their loss having lost my own father 3 years ago.
I have also used a dark blue flower to emphasize the singularity of the one they have lost and the quiet mid grey ribbon folds over and continues across the inside left page.

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