Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Kids Scrapbooking Workshop

I'm giving a children's scrapbooking workshop on Friday morning at my local library and am amidst sorting out the kits for them to use!

The picture shows the one I did with children last year and I am doing the same thing this time round.

I have, however, made some changes as to HOW I do the workshop! Teaching children is a LOT different from teaching adults!

Usually when I do the demo for my crop (for instance) I go through the item(s) fro beginning to end and then they (the ladies) get on with doing their own.

With children... they just don't have the patience... especially the boys and I had more boys than girls at the last one! So I will be making the item with them, showing them what to do as we go along... although they usually go off at a tangent anyway, which is always interesting to see!!

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