Thursday, April 17, 2008


My demonstration/workshop at the ScrapBuddies crop this coming Saturday will be all about Ribbons!

Ahhh… Ribbons…! My fave! Such a versatile material to use and so “touchy feely”, and if bought from local sewing shops fairly inexpensive too!

So here are some ideas as to how to use ribbons:

  1. Using straight strips across the page. This can be all the way from side to side or just short strips. And you can place the ribbon OVER items too such as across the photos on your page. (TIP – if you struggle to add double sided tape neatly to a ribbon, try putting a strip of adhesive along your page first and then lay the ribbon down onto that). Try also sewing strips either by hand or using a machine. And try also placing a buckle (or similar) or even just tie a knot somewhere along the length for added interest.
  2. Tied as bows for stand-alone embellishment, or tie threaded through buttons.
  3. Tied through holes in tags or labels, or through eyelets on pages.
  4. Stapled onto photos, great for hiding something ugly in the background of the picture. Stapled onto your pages, either small pieces or whole lengths wrapped and twisted for extra interest.
  5. Wrapped around the bottom of a photograph or wrapped around a page accent.
  6. Chipboard elements can be livened up with a wrapping of ribbon.
  7. Threaded through square punched holes along the side of a photo or cardstock.
  8. Twisted and secured with brads of a complimentary colour.
  9. Intertwined with embellishments such as flowers, buttons and brads.

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