Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Circle Journal - theme "What's Your Style"

This is the Circle Journal (CJ) from Sally, the member of my team who it "above" me on the CJ list!

Her CJ's theme is "What's your style" as in scrapbooking... not fashion! LOL I think I might have a bit of trouble with the latter!

The photos show Sally's own DPS and the Rules page and Sign-in cover.

I do like the pink and pale turquoise colour combination.

Now all I have to do is add my pages (DPS) and complete a tag on the sign in page!

"All..." she says! rolling eyes!

The trouble is I don't have a style... I like to try all sorts of things... to me a "style" just means they repeat the same sort of thing which can be a bit boring... So whatever I decide my style is... it is only at this current moment... I have always moved on to new things, so my style may have changed by this time next year!

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