Sunday, April 06, 2008

The Eleventh hour!

I'm getting there! Just look at the mess! It's late on Sunday evening... the eve before I have to post it (well actually the next person on the list for me lives nearby, so I will drop it off). But it's the principle of the thing... said I'd be ready for 7th April, and I am!

I think I'm just waiting rfor glue to dry and then I can put the whole CJ together! WooHoo!
Funny how you have great plans and then you end up doing something completely different!
I am pleased with the Circle Journal itself, but not my pages! They are a bit too "bitty" if you know what I mean... anyway, I will post come pictures soon, possibly tomorrow.
Next projects... a birthday card for my mum and then the next ScrapBuddies demo which is all about how to use ribbons!

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