Monday, April 07, 2008

Circle Journal - theme "Touch"

Well here are some pictures of my finished circle journal!

Covers! Will post the inners tomorrow!

I covered the covers (doesn't sound right does it?!) in a fabric I found in our local fabric shop! I went in for some velvet for a little bit on my pages and came out with a material to cover the whole thing!

The chipboard letters are stuck to the fabric using glue, but as the material is only stuck to the board beneath in a few places with sicky dots to avoid marking the smooth satin finish, I thought it best to incorporate some had sewing to hold the weight of the letters!

They are from K&Co by the way, although I have recovered/recoloured them and then put on a layer of 3-D clear gloss finish.

And why is it we never have the right coloured flowers! I don't have that many anyway, but I recoloured some pale peach coloured blooms with inks to blend them into the theme.

1 comment:

Aurora said...

OMG Sunday, that looks fantastic, I wish I'd joined in on the CJ, but was too afraid I couldn't create anything as good as this.

Its brilliant.