Saturday, April 05, 2008

Holding your breath...?

Well are you holding your breath waiting for my CJ (Circle Journal) unveiling?! LOL... I doubt it, got your own scrapbooking to do... right?

Well I am working like a Trojan here...

So far have made the blank carcass of the CJ and pages from scratch,
covered the front and back covers
Made the "Sign in pages"
Written the welcome
and am now in the process of creating the welcome page... just can't get the right ribbon at the moment... tut!

Anyway... after that, all I have to do is my own pages! Yes, I know..... "ALL" I have to do...!

I realise that they are actually the most important for me, as I was the one to pick the theme, but I will have to do them from scratch tomorrow!

And, of course, I will post the pictures as soon as it is finished! Promise!

Wish me continued luck!

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