Saturday, April 26, 2008

Scrapbooking FOR children

The heading to this pose may infer that this is about getting children to scrapbook!

It's not actually, this is about making scrapbook pages for children that they would appreciate "now", whilst they are still young.

I let my daughter thumb through my scrapbooks as she enjoys looking at all the lovely things... not to mention looking at herself (in the photos)! However, I have to supervise of course, as with all the will in the world, a 4 year old is not the most careful of viewers!

So I have decided to make up some pages for my daughter (about her of course) which she can have all to herself, and maybe take to school to show friends and teachers.

I have kept the pages very simple and have started using 6x6 papers from Dovedraft.
For my liking they are too busy with their own designs, so as you can see here I have "fiddled" with them to simply.
Firstly all the photographs have been printed onto standard paper, as opposed to photographic paper.
Then I have covered some of the graphics with patterened paper, so that the graphics are not competing with the photograph.
Another page coming tomorrow!

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