Monday, April 14, 2008

Tag book cover

This is a cover I made last night for my RRR Team tag book.

"Ok... What's that?", I hear you ask!

Well The RRRs are the Rockin Ribbon Raiders Scrapbooking Team on UKScrappers!
We all decided to make a team members tag book by making up some tags about ourselves and distributing them to each other... so now (apart from the covers) we all have an almost identical set of tags. Well that's the theory anyway!
I was a bit of a "Get to know you" process for us as a new Team.
Anyway, I was the member who offered to be the "sorting office" for the project! And as a little thank you a couple of my fellow members sent some pressies of stash - which was very nice of them!
So I used the purple collection of bits and bobs one of the members sent to make up the cover for my tag book and this is the result!

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