Wednesday, May 28, 2008

6x6 Christmas Album in progress

I have been in the process of creating this 6x6" album for some time!

You may look at the pages and think that these are odd colours for a christmas album, but it was a challenge to myself to use the contents of a kit I bought!

Yes I know... You'd think I LIKE to make life difficult for myself wouldn't you! LOL

Anyway... the kit is by Inspirations (which I think is Aha! Designs Ltd) and is actually called "Floral Scrapbooking Kit"! I bought it in Tesco for about £4.99 about a year or 18 months ago. There were 6 12x12 papers, 5 metres of ribbon, some embossed paper frames, 8 (12") embossed borders and 4 vellum envelopes! Not bad for the price.

Anyway... I plan to finish this album shortly, the only thing the pages are waiting for now is some journaling, and possibly a few embellishments, although I want to keep this pretty simple, so most of the embellishment is via ribbons.

Then there is the covers and hey presto... it shall be completed! ok, ok... I'll finish it by the end of June! (she says ever hopeful!)

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