Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Torn Paper scrapbooking layout

This is the third layout made from the Adult Learners week kit!

I have in fact made 4 whole pages and have enough left over from the 10 pages of 8x8 patterned paper to make another layout and I would think a couple of cards!

However, this layout is made using the tearing technique! All the papers are torn (apart from the edge along the edge of the card at the bottom.

It's a very easy, yet effective techique to give some depth to the papers. It does this by creating a random white frame around the end of the paper.

It's done in a very similar way t0 tearing a piece of paper by pulling the paper against a ruler, however, I have used my finger nail to run along the paper tear as this gives a softer edge.

The other tip you can gain from this layout is the journaling layout. Journaling strips are a great, non-formal way of adding journaling to your layouts. Just write a line of writing to whatever width will fitthe space on your page and then draw a box around it. Then cut it out... even the cuts don't have to be straight.

Then continue till you have finished your journaling and adhere the strips to your page wth some of the background showing between each. A quick and easy technique.

And finally, not only are these photos in colour (as opposed to black and white with the ease of being able to use any colours) but also ths layout, despite it being only 8x8", actually holds 3 photos.

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