Saturday, May 17, 2008

Frog cakes...?

My goodness, it was all I could do to stop Honey eating the "frog cake" she made at school, before I had taken a picture of it!

It seems to have been "all about frogs" week at H's nursery this week... what with the tank of tadpoles in the classroom and all!

I read on the board (that is written up with "what the children did today" each day) that they made frog cakes, but that some of the children were a bit concerned that they would have actual frogs IN them! Ah bless!

Anyway, H had the hump most of the way home in the car, because of the ban from scoffing her green and sticky creation, but managed to crack a smile for a quick photo which saw me dashing up the stairs to grab my camera while she was hastily washing her hands as this was the proviso for being able to eat said green, googly-eyed sticky, sweet thing!

Once the wrapping was off, it didn't last long!

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