Friday, May 16, 2008

New Scrapbooking Wheelable Tote

Ah... my new toy! I bought it from a mega sized shop called "The Range" near Norwich (England). It was only £29.99, so I couldn't really leave without one!

I have a wheelable "workshop box" - is wheelable a word??? It's another Americanism isn't it?! I would call it a Rolling Tote... anyway I digress!

My workshop box is for DIY tools etc, it's not specifically for scrapbooking and it was a third of the price! But because of that it doesn't accommodate 12x12 stuff! So my papers and cardstock have been carried to crops in canvas type bags, within their convertina folders.

So here it the new storage device for crops. It will accompany my other wheelie, so look out all those in the corridors, I'm packing a duo! LOL

It's from Papermania and has LOADS of pockets, some are detachable and most are made of clear plastic so you can see what's inside!

But the bestpart is that I can get my 12x12 albums in, let alone 12x12 papers... now I just have to pack it all! Hmmmm.... what shall I take tomorrow!

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